Munim Rashid (চয়ন)

কোথাও আমার হারিয়ে যাবার নেই মানা…

welcome to my home page

Greetings! I am Munim Rashid (চয়ন), maintaining this website to meet my own needs. In case our interests/geographic locations are common/same/close, this portal could be helpful for you as well. I maintain few more websites for some family and friends. Some of those are…

Farjana Anzin is a clinical nutritionist, researcher, educator and counselor by profession. She often writes articles in local dailies on therapeutic diet, food, nutrition and curative life style for patients with diabetes, blood pressure, obesity , kidney diseases etc.

Local Government Expert

Prof. Tofail Ahmed is renowned as Local Governance Expert. He is a professor, researcher, author and columnist. He has a huge number of publication. Some of his books are available for download in the website. He writes articles in the local dailies quite frequently.

CFA Institute Asia-Pasific Career Guide 2014 (Page 70)

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